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Control Alzheimer’s Disease Impact

Contrary to popular belief, the risks of Alzheimer’s disease can be managed at any time but especially so if addressed early. The underlying causes of the symptoms due to the onset of the disease can occur years before those symptoms show. Get tested now to help you manage your brain health. 

Take Action to Minimize the Effects of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is very rarely directly caused by genetics alone, but there are many genes which may influence your risk. As symptoms don’t show until years after damage to the brain has started to happen, it is never too early to take action. This means understanding the factors that may impact the development of the disease.

Know your Genetics to Help Yourself

By understanding your genetics, you and your physician gain insight into what you need to monitor in order to maintain cognitive function, reduce the consequences, or delay onset of the disease. Known risk factors of Alzheimer’s disease include cholesterol levels, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes. Close monitoring, and management of such risk factors could lower your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Healthy Body - Healthy Mind

Type 2 diabetes as well as high cholesterol and/or blood pressure in mid-life are all considered to increase the risk of future onset of Alzheimer’s disease therefore managing these other conditions carefully is important in managing the risk of future cognitive decline. Furthermore, studies show that by exercising regularly you can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by up to 45% [alzheimers.org.uk]. The impact of smoking is equally significant where studies show that smokers are 40% more likely to develop the disease [Alzheimer’s Research UK]. 

The risk of Alzheimer’s disease can be lowered considerably by implementing a heart-healthy lifestyle: 

Act Now - Get Tested

With more than 55 million people suffering from dementia today across the world [World Alzheimer’s Report 2021], it is never too early to take control of your cognitive health. Having an understanding of your genetic risk enables you to take preventative steps to reduce the potential of future cognitive decline. 

The genoSCORE powered Alzheimer’s Risk Test can assess your genetic risk of Alzheimer’s disease through analyzing your genetics generated from over 100,000 genetic variations found to be associated with Alzheimer’s disease. This will help you and your physician understand your risk of cognitive decline due to Alzheimer’s disease so you can make an action plan to reduce your risk and delay the onset of symptoms. 

What next?

If you have questions about how the genoSCORE powered Alzheimer’s Risk Test works, visit our FAQs page here.

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